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Welcome to Energy Conservation Careers

Promoting energy conservation can be a great way to be an agent of change and help make the world a better place. A variety of jobs involve some aspect of energy conservation.

Like jobs in many other fields, these jobs involve problem-solving skills and science and math skills. Examples of these skills include:

  • observe – use your senses and observational tools
  • communicate – cooperate, listen, write, speak, record
  • compare – analyze, evaluate, assess, relate, differentiate
  • measure – determine amounts, quantify
  • classify – sort, organize, arrange, group
  • infer – deduce, understand, conclude, surmise
  • apply – use, create, direct, operate, design

On the next webpage, you will learn about careers that support energy conservation. You will also discover specific science and problem-solving skills used in those careers.

Instructions : Use the information on the next page to help you complete your worksheet.

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