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Welcome to Bioenergy Basics

Every day, we eat food that comes from plants and animals. Our bodies use the nutrients and chemical energy in this organic matter to think, work, play, and stay healthy.

The chemical energy stored in organic matter can be used in other ways as well. Burning wood changes the chemical energy to heat energy. People have always used wood as a fuel. More recently, people in modern societies have relied on fossil fuels. These include coal, oil, and natural gas.

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable. Biofuels, or fuels made from organic matter, are renewable. Developing new ways to use organic matter for energy can help us shift away from relying so much on nonrenewable energy sources.

Ethanol, biodiesel, wood waste, and landfill gas can help us meet our energy needs. Let’s learn more about these four important bioenergy resources.

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