Grades 4-6 Overview

The POWERING OUR FUTURE eJourney is an interactive computer-based learning experience suitable for grades 4 to 6. In the eJourney, students become time travelers and world explorers actively engaged in processes of scientific innovation as they discover the renewable energies of hydropower, solar power, and wind power. During their adventure, students collect the ideas, inventions, and technologies that have built upon each other to make renewable energy what it is today.

Three classroom lessons frame the eJourney and tie the online experience to classroom learning. These lessons introduce nonrenewable and renewable energy and lead students to inquire, "how will we power our future?"  Working as teams, students travel on the eJourney and bring their discoveries back to the classroom to share. Emphasizing science, technology, and social studies, the modules iare highly interdisciplinary.

The grades 4-6 module has three lessons. They are: