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Program Overview

SRP is pleased to offer you Powering Our Future, an exciting new education program focused on energy use, electricity, renewable energy, and energy conservation.

The Module for Grades 4 to 6 features the eJourney, an interactive computer-based learning experience. The eJourney is only available online. Three classroom lessons frame this unique online experience at its beginning and conclusion. Teacher and student materials for the classroom lessons are available as PDF downloads.

The Module for Grades 6 to 8 includes five units and a total of 22 diverse lessons emphasizing hands-on, classroom-based activities. A few lessons utilize an interactive computer-based learning experience or otherwise involve student internet access. This module is offered as a print volume (to Arizona teachers) as well as through this website via PDF downloads.

The High School Module includes one unit of five lessons focusing on solar photovoltaic power. The high school materials are available as a print volume (to Arizona teachers) as well as through this website via PDF downloads.

Classroom Outreach Presentations

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SRP Message

SRP is a multipurpose federal reclamation project, serving electric customers and water shareholders since 1903. For more than 100 years, SRP has conducted business responsibly with a focus on preserving and protecting Arizona’s environment.

At SRP, we value your commitment to education and are pleased to provide you with this exciting new education program focused on energy use, renewable energy, and energy conservation. Our mutual investment in our youth will develop well-educated individuals who understand the issues around them and can make informed decisions about energy for the future.

With your help, we can be successful in Powering Our Future.

Why Study?

Issues related to energy are among the most important concerns facing society today. The relevance of energy to students' everyday lives is readily apparent. During the lifetimes of today's students, significant changes will occur in the energy resources and technologies upon which we depend. Our reliance on renewable energy is increasing and will continue to do so.

Powering Our Future offers teachers a rich collection of interactive learning experiences that can help prepare students to address energy issues throughout their lives. The three modules were developed with input from 70 classroom and district educators. The lessons address Arizona Department of Education academic standards in science and social studies as well as mathematics and language arts.

These hands-on explorations into natural resources, energy conservation, and exciting renewable energy sources like hydropower, wind power, bioenergy, and solar energy provide an excellent tool to motivate student learning. Please join us in helping students learn about Powering Our Future.


The eJourneys contain three distinct modules that explore hydropower, wind and solar renewable energies.  To enter an eJourney, please click the link and use the respective pathcode to log in: 

Special Notes: On a broadband connection, the eJourneys may take a moment to load.  Currently, eJourneys is Flash-based, and therefore not iPad or non-Flash compatible.

Teacher Note: The student web site opens in a new browser window. There are neither links nor back buttons from the student site to this teacher site. Use your task bar to move between them.

Student Resources

Welcome to the Students' Powering Our Future Home Page!

Click on the energy topic you would like to explore.  The accompanying worksheet for Energy Transformations is downloadable in 6-8: Unit 1: Lesson 3: Energy Transformations.